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hello, i'm aoife. welcome to my page! enjoy your stay :D

i'm an 19-year-old they/them trans enby who's gay and polyamorous, and i like doing all sortsa shit with computers. let's be friends!

things i do

i hatefuck computers to do my bidding. things i do include programming random stuff in go, javascript, and rust, and running NixOS on multiple machines including my server. i used to run the fedi akkoma instance at snowdin dot town (RIP).

recently i've been dabbling in some music creation, which i'm still very new to. my friends keep telling me i make bangers but iunno judge for yourself :3

also i own so many domains. i'm addicted. i lost count months ago. i used to have a list of them but it's a lost cause i will own all of the domains one day

things i'm obsessed with

people i love

here's a list of cool people that i love and adore go check em out!!! tell em i sent you :3

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